A new kind
of robotics.
We develop bionic limbs,
and research technologies
to make them
Anatomically Correct Bionic Hand (ACBH)
It began with the reverse engineering of the anatomy and biomechanics of human hands, layer by layer and tissue by tissue, from bones and ligaments to tendons and muscles.
Matrix Braiding Machine
Then came the question: how to produce material structures that function, feel, and behave like said tissues, including their durability? Leading to the development of fiber and textile-based methods and technologies.
Allonic Hand Mk I
The culmination of 4 years of foundational research and development in biomechanics, materials and manufacturing is a robotic hand unlike any other, able to conform and comply with precision and strength as needed.
We are working on products for a wide range of applications in various industries, from robotics to prosthetics, and teleoperation
We can’t wait to share it with you.